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Master your people skills with the power of body language


Next Training Date:


FREE Introductory Evening – Friday Day/Month/Year

 6:30 – 7:30pm AEST

Training Saturday Day/Month/Year

& Sunday Day/Month/Year 9:30am – 5pm AEST

Baulkham Hills, Sydney. [Location]

Accommodation on site available 

Body Language Training with Joanne Antoun

Harness the Power of Body Language to Influence, Connect, and Succeed

What you’ll learn:

  • Foundations of Reading the Face and Body

Unlock the ability to decode non-verbal cues and understand the hidden messages behind facial expressions and body language. Learn the fundamentals of reading people to enhance your communication skills and deepen your connections.

  • Power Poses and Hormonal Transformation

Discover the transformative power of power poses. Unleash your leadership potential and boost your confidence by employing specific poses that positively impact your hormone levels. Experience the physiological changes that empower you to feel like a true leader.


  • Customer Relations and Sales Mastery

Gain insightful tips and techniques to excel in customer relations. Learn how to utilize body language to build rapport, establish trust, and convert potential customers into loyal clients. Unleash the persuasive power of non-verbal communication in sales and customer validation.

  • Master Networking and Elevator Pitches

Stand out from the crowd at networking events with an exceptional elevator pitch. Learn the art of captivating introductions, leveraging body language to leave a lasting impression. Master the art of networking and make meaningful connections effortlessly.

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  • Influence, Hire Right, and Work with the Right People

Discover the power of body language in hiring and working with the right individuals. Uncover techniques to assess and interpret non-verbal cues to spot deception, identify problem people, and protect your business interests. Unlock the secrets of influencing others through astute non-verbal communication.

  • Body Language for Public Speaking and High-Stakes Situations

Enhance your public speaking skills by incorporating powerful body language techniques. Develop confidence, command attention, and engage your audience. Learn how to use non-verbal communication to excel in fundraising, investor pitching, negotiations, and other high-stakes situations.

  • Human Lie Detection and Emotional Awareness

Unlock the ability to read hidden emotions and detect deception. Acquire skills in human lie detection and emotional awareness that will empower you in personal and professional situations. Learn to protect yourself and your business from liars and spot potential issues before they become problems.

  •  Mastering First Impressions and Online Presence

Learn the art of creating a winning first impression through body language. Discover how to leverage your digital presence to enhance your personal and professional brand. Uncover the essential photos and techniques that can save you valuable time and money while boosting your credibility.

  • Be Memorable and Charismatic

Become the most memorable and charismatic person in any room or setting. Tap into the power of body language to project confidence, authenticity, and magnetism. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression that sets you apart.

  • The Power of Non-Verbal Communication

Realize the profound impact of non-verbal communication in your personal and professional life. Explore captivating stories of how body language affected major historical events, such as the televised Kennedy-Nixon debate. Understand why non-verbal cues carry more weight than words and how to leverage their power effectively.

We will actually record your elevator pitch at the beginning and towards the end of the training so you can see the incredible difference and how much you’ve improved.

Everything we do will be measurable and you’ll see the results immediately.

*Body Language skills for leadership and management – let them know that you mean business.


Did you know - Holding a particular stance for just a few minutes is enough to lower cortisol, the stress hormone and increase testosterone the alpha hormone, that hormone that makes you feel strong, confident and like a leader…… and this power posing has a halo effect that has been scientifically proven to improve ratings in all areas of services and presentations.

*I’ll show you how to increase oxytocin the cuddle and happy hormone with everyone you meet and an entire audience.

Did you know - Body language is the missing ingredient!

….in fact it’s so powerful that it’s what won Kennedy the presidential debate.…..

This was the first debate in US history that was televised.

Not everyone at the time had television. ….


Did you know that everyone that heard the debate was sure that Nixon had won and everyone that watched the debate was sure that Kennedy had won…..

The debate divided the country…….

This was the first time in history there was such a huge discrepancy and because of this it was 16 years before another debate was televised.

They realized the power of body language.


Before the debate even started, before a word was spoken, Nixon made 5 negative non-verbal gestures and conclusions were made in just the first 20seconds.

The Non-verbal in this debate was so powerful that it cost Nixon the election.

Even the voters said it was the televised debate that influenced their choice and Nixon himself even admitted in his own memoir the importance of his non-verbal. He said “I should have remembered that a picture is worth a thousand words.”

So if a picture is worth a thousand words can you imagine how powerful video and the correct non-verbal is. Non-verbal cues are 12 – 13 times more powerful than your content. I’ll share the footage with you at the training.

*I’ll show you how to master your first impression.

*Learn how to master your digital first impression and the photo’s you absolutely must have to save you thousands and make you thousands.

*I’ll show you how to leverage online human psychology

Are you ready to be a winner and always being the most memorable and charismatic person in the room.

It will be a great weekend, the human lie detection is fascinating and a skill that helps in so many areas of your life.


People don’t always say what they really feel but they always show it.


The body leaks the truth and the feet never lie.

I look forward to seeing you at the next training.

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