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Why The Dove?

Scroll down to read the amazing story of Gabriel, a dove that chose me
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A little about me

I am highly intuitive and have been able to see, hear and sense the spirit world my whole life.


I have a natural ability for seeing your potential, the blockage that holds you back and what needs to be done to help you step fully into your power.

My parents tell me I was just three years old when I started running up to them telling them of future events and the fact that I had three men that would sit at the end of my bed and walk around my room each night.

My parents didn’t understand or know how to handle it so they felt it best to tell me to stop making up stories and go back to bed.


As a child I was too scared to open my eyes at night for fear of seeing the spirits and too scared to close them for fear of what the next premonition would be.


Of course the law of the universe is what you fear you attract and as a child I was so frightened of the premonitions of death, illness and accidents and seeing spirit all the time that unfortunately that was all they showed me. Until I accepted and stopped being so frightened.


In my teens I met Jarn, a women who without knowing it has played one of the most important roles in my life she said “Joanne grasp what you fear and stop running from who you are” I went outside looked up to the heavens and screamed out ‘If this is what you want for me then fine bring it on” and that night I saw angels.


After years of shutting down and not sharing what I knew for fear of being institutionalized and labeled crazy I had finally stepped into my power.


My life’s journey like most has been interesting filled with many challenges, learning’s and blessings all of which have made me the person I am today, allowing me to truly understand, connect and free people from all walks of life no matter what their situation or experience.


I am highly qualified in many areas and modalities bringing into all sessions and workshops my highly intuitive abilities guiding you towards your highest potential.


I have accepted my calling and I am completely committed to guiding, healing, empowering and motivating you, most importantly showing you how easy it is to live life with passion.

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Hi, I'm

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A wife, mother, grandmother and I know without a doubt that my purpose is to remind you all of how truly powerful you are.

I'm the founder of CTC - the Life Transforming CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail.™ and the International Institute of Combined Therapy.


CTC as a therapy was not birthed of me but through me.

At its birth, it was called
'Cut The Crap' because that’s what we do.

We free you of all that holds you back.

With its success and clients wanting to learn it, the
International Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail was born.

As a Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and Author of 3 books, I also speak in the field of Personal Growth, Consciousness and evolved leadership, I train Reiki practitioners and of course also personally train students to deliver my incredibly transformative

2-hour CTC – Combined Therapy Cocktail™ session.

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Saying YES to my purpose changed my life.

It opened so many doors for me and has given me incredible opportunities.

I’m so very blessed to witness miracles and transformation each and every day.

I’m blessed to have been featured in and a regular contributor of magazines like Insight & Innerself.

I hosted my own radio show on Indian link radio for 3 years as well as another show on Contact talk radio for 12months.

I’ve been interviewed on many inspirational radio networks & podcasts and also several TV programs and I’ve also been a part of 3 pilot programs for television.

Then came the super cool opportunities to speak on cruise ships.

It doesn’t get much better than luxurious travel, sun, amazing food and doing what you love. ❤

Saying YES changed my life and it can change yours too.

Choosing to step onto your path in full alignment with a life of passion and purpose isn’t always an easy decision to make but once you take the first step you’ll see that the next step is suddenly revealed and that the universe always has your back.

Joanne Antoun's Services

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What others have to say about their experience

with Joanne

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Learn more about the

The 2 Hr Life Transforming CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail

CTC is a 2hr life-transforming process that free's you of limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears, emotional causes behind illness and all that holds you back from being the very best that you can be. 


We create change quickly by kick starting the genetic engineering (rewiring of the brain).


Not only is this therapy about freeing you of all that holds you back from being the best you can be, but it brings your energy, your spirit, your power back here into present time, so as to easily create

the future that you desire.

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Receive a Gift from Joanne

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Set new standards, aim high and transform yourself and others.

Achieve greater success, freedom, abundance and fulfilment.

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