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Joanne Runs Regular Workshops, Tours, Seminars, Courses & Corporate Speaking Engagements

Joanne draws on her own experiences, talents and intuitive abilities making each and every experience with her feel very personal. 


She captivates her audience with her quick wit and easy going style, her kindhearted approach to issues and limiting beliefs makes it easy to evaluate and release them, allowing for you to easily discover your true potential.


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Upcoming Events


1. 18th May 2022 8:30 am AEST –

    28th May  2022 6:10 pm AEST
    LIVE Online Event

2. September 14th - 24th 2022

     LIVE Online Event

Investment $8,995

CTC - Certification Program  *ONLINE*


Reiki I * ONLINE*

25th-26th June 2022

LIVE Online Event

Investment $495



1.  14th-15th May 2022

2.  10th-11th September 2022

LIVE Online Event

Investment $495


I am Woman Live Online

3rd July - 31st July 2022

LIVE Online Event

Investment $495

The Power Of You.jpg

6th Nov - 3rd Dec 2022
LIVE Online Event

Investment $1,111