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Transformation Joanne Antoun


Awaken The Power Within You

Become a magnetic, unstoppable force that attracts your desires, turns them into reality

and create the dream.

Image by Guille Álvarez
11 modules, delivered live over a 30 day period
Recorded Meditations and practices
Access to a loving and supportive community
in a closed Facebook Group 

**Lifetime access with a twist**
Every time Joanne delivers this program, you get it again for FREE
(Delivered twice per year)
It's an upgraded version every time

Upcoming Program Dates:

March 25th – 18th April 2024
October 20th – 13th November 2024
The Power Of You
symbolizing the journey towards personal growth and self-discovery, inviting viewers to explore deeper fulfillment and transformation.

Is This You?

  • Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your journey towards success?

  • Do you have a desire to break free from limitations and embrace your potential?

  • Are you open to exploring deeper aspects of life and finding the missing piece?

  • Have you tried traditional self-help courses without lasting results?

  • Do you want to wake up with purpose and clarity in your life?

  • Do you feel lost or held back and are you ready to make a change?

  • Are you no longer willing to settle for less and are committed to living your best life?

  • Do you value programs that offer cutting-edge tools and techniques for personal growth and transformation?

Unleash Your Full Potential and Discover the Missing Piece in Your Life

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your journey towards success?

Do you yearn to break free from the limitations holding you back?

It's time to harness your untapped potential and find the transformative tools

that will propel you towards greatness.

Do you know that you were born for more?

We dive deeper, exploring the true essence of what's been missing in your life.

My powerful, results-driven program go beyond traditional self-help courses.

We provide you with cutting-edge tools and techniques, empowering you to overcome obstacles and unleash your inner power.

Imagine a life where you wake up daily, filled with purpose and clarity.

No longer will you feel lost or held back. Instead, you'll embrace your incredible potential, channelling it into something truly amazing.

It's time to stop settling for less and start living your best life.

Join us for The Power Of You and unlock the missing piece that

will ignite your journey towards success.


Get ready to transform your life, one powerful step at a time.

Join Joanne's 'The Power of You'


Discover Life-Changing Formulas in 30 Days

Find your freedom with Joanne Antoun

Life is full of challenges, but it's how we respond to them that truly defines us.


If you find yourself feeling stuck or longing for something more, it's time to break free from the constraints holding you back.

I understand the inner yearning to find your true calling, to fill the void that has been weighing on your heart.


That's why I'm here to help.

It's a universal experience - the desire to do something meaningful with our lives, yet not knowing where to start. The search for direction can feel overwhelming, leaving us feeling lost and disconnected.


Together, we can navigate through the uncertainty and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Our expertise and guidance will provide the clarity and tools you need to uncover your true purpose.


No longer will you feel adrift, uncertain of your path.

Instead, you'll gain the confidence and insight to pursue a life filled with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

It's time to awaken to the power of your own potential—it's time to unleash the potential inside of you, find the magic within you, and

become the person you were meant to be.

That's why I created

The Power of You Live Online Program

I believe in you.

I believe in your ability to do great things.

And I believe that if you’re truly ready you can transform your life at incredible speed .

I’ll show you how to grow exponentially, and how to easily create head and heart coherence to ensure a greater sense of self, clarity of mind and intuition and so as to remember how truly powerful you are.

Freedom with Joanne Antoun

Join Joanne's 'The Power of You'


Discover Life-Changing Formulas in 30 Days

The Power of You offers a clear-cut, flexible framework for living a happier, more fulfilling life and finally live the life you deserve

'The Power of You'  LIVE ONLINE TRAINING, Coaching, &  Discover Life-Changing Formulas in
Here are just some of the topics we cover:

🧠 Transform Your Mindset and Unlock the Extraordinary Potential Within You


The power of your mindset cannot be understated. It's the driving force behind your thoughts, actions, and the lens through which you view the world. If you're tired of limiting self-sabotaging programs holding you back, it's time to take control and rewrite your story of success.

You'll discover a powerful framework for understanding and changing your mindset. You'll gain clarity, purpose, and self-awareness, leaving you feeling confident, focused, and inspired. 

With my proven methods, you'll develop a positive mindset, gain a sense of purpose, and cultivate a relaxed, confident attitude towards each new day and will empower you to take control of your story of success and unlock the extraordinary potential within you.

Transform Your Mindset and Unlock the Extraordinary Potential Within You

Unleash Your Personal Power and Become an Unstoppable Force for Good

Imagine a life where external circumstances no longer have power over you.

Picture yourself tapping into an unshakeable inner strength, becoming a force to be reckoned with in pursuit of your goals and dreams. It's time to reclaim your personal power and transform your life.

You'll learn how to connect with and engage the most powerful resource within you: your inner strength. With simple and practical techniques that anyone can master, we'll guide you towards unleashing the full potential of your personal power.

No longer will you be swayed by external influences or feel at the mercy of circumstances. Instead, you'll harness the indomitable force within you to navigate any challenge that comes your way.

This inner strength will become your compass, guiding you towards a life filled with purpose,

confidence, and resilience.

Join Joanne Antoun

📩 Unleash Your Unique Message and Make a Lasting Impact

Your voice is unlike any other.

In this world, you have the power to shape your own reality and leave an indelible mark.


You were born with a purpose and a message that cannot be overlooked - it's time to rise above mediocrity.

You'll gain crystal clarity on what your message is and learn how to deliver it with authenticity and effectiveness. This program is designed to unlock the full potential of your unique voice, allowing you to make a profound impact on those around you.

No longer will you hesitate or doubt the importance of your message. You'll uncover the true essence of what you have to offer and learn how to share it in a way that resonates deeply with others. Together, we'll pave the path for you to step up, be heard, and create a lasting legacy.

👉 Ignite Your Inner Fire and Embrace Your True Power

It's time to activate your soul and unlock the immense power within you. Say goodbye to self-doubt and limitations, and discover your true potential as a world-changer.

I'll guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, helping you awaken your inner fire. It's time to see yourself for who you truly are: a remarkable being with the power to create positive change.

I'll provide you with practical and simple solutions to spark your soul and awaken your happiness.

Together, we'll uncover what's been missing in your life and fill that void with boundless positivity and love.

No longer will you be held back by negativity or feel disconnected from your purpose. Instead, you'll tap into a wellspring of energy and joy that will propel you towards a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.

🔗 Cultivate The 4 C’s

Connection & Community & Compassion & Calibration

Discover the key ingredients to foster deep connections, build thriving communities, embrace compassion, and achieve personal and collective growth.

Learn how to create space for empathy, allowing you to respond with authenticity and understanding. Develop the skills to effectively communicate your own needs while being attuned to the needs of others. Together, we'll empower you to become a better friend, family member, colleague, and overall person.

We'll embark on a journey of mutual learning and growth, harnessing the wisdom found within our community. By coming together, we'll be equipped to bring about positive change in our world.

👀 Become An Awakened BEing - Learn to really see


I will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, teaching you how to see yourself reflected in others. We'll expand your awareness to embrace everything around you, allowing you to uncover the hidden barriers that have been holding you back from experiencing true happiness.

Prepare to unroll every moment of your life and fully live it. Together, we'll provide you with the essential tools to let go of your past and embrace the power of living in the present moment.

Join me as we embark on this incredible adventure of self-realization and heightened consciousness. It's time to awaken your true self and step into a world of limitless possibilities.

Get ready to see the world with fresh eyes and unlock the incredible potential within you.


💡 Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence

You'll learn invaluable techniques on how to understand and manage your reactions in different situations. By mastering the art of emotional intelligence, you'll be able to transform your responses into ones that are not only beneficial for yourself but also for those around you.

Gain the ability to transmute negative emotions, tapping into a wellspring of creative energy that will fuel your inner potential.


It's time to elevate your understanding of yourself and create positive and impactful connections with others. Get ready to unlock the power within you and thrive in all aspects of your life.


🧲 Magnetism 

Learn the secrets of finding and aligning with the frequency of what you desire. We'll provide you with a simple process that will allow you to effortlessly connect with your desires.

You'll be able to tap into your magnetic power so naturally that it will feel like pure fun, rather than work.


It's time to attract abundance, success, and joy into your life with ease.

Get ready to unleash your magnetic force and experience a whole new level of fulfillment.

☝ Unleash Your Inner Leader

I'll guide you through the process of discovering where your inner leadership lies. We'll then work together to help you express your leadership in a way that inspires your team to reach new heights.

Lead from within by gaining crystal clarity on your goals and values.

This will provide you with the confidence you need to guide your team towards success.


We'll work together to help you align your goals with those who are best equipped to help you achieve them, whether it's your employees, friends or family. It's time to amplify your impact and transform the world around you. Get ready to take charge and inspire others to greatness.

💭 Script your desires


Get ready to co-create a powerful space where we'll script our desires and manifest them into reality. Imagine the energy of the group coming together, collectively contributing to the manifestation of all that you desire.

We'll align with our highest selves and make a commitment to ourselves that we are truly worthy of all that we desire. It's a journey of inner work and self-devotion like never before.

This immersive experience is a dive deep. Together, we'll tap into the power within us and script a life filled with abundance and fulfilment. Get ready to manifest your deepest desires and embrace the life you were meant to live.

☝ Embrace the Art of Receiving

What you want, wants you too, and we'll show you how to open yourself to it.

 I'll guide you step-by-step on how to let go of resistance and flow into the life you've always wanted. 


It's time you allowed yourself to receive!

With the art of receiving, you can confidently attract and accept all that you desire in life. I'll help you receive with grace, kindness, and gratitude. You are deserving of abundance and it's time to claim what's rightfully yours.

Open yourself up to the abundant possibilities that await you. Receive with joy, receive with grace, and watch your life transform.

Art of Receiving
Image by

👁 Receive An Activation To Open Your Third Eye

- that's right, crack open your intuition - the real work of opening your third eye comes from within.

Designed to help you receive an activation that will open up your third eye and give you access to more information about yourself and the world around you. It will help you develop this sense so that you can use it in all areas of your life, from personal relationships and career decisions to even just more effective grocery shopping!

Tap into your intuition and begin to find solutions to the things that are holding you back and exclusive workshop that can help you pinpoint the things that you need to work on in order to move forward in your life. You'll leave feeling refreshed and ready to conquer whatever obstacles are standing in your way!

Join 'The Power of You'


Discover Life-Changing Formulas in 29 Days

What others have to say about their experience

with Joanne

"Joanne Antoun is amazing and so is her "Power of You" program.

I think the biggest AHA for me (since recently participating in the program) has been becoming more aware of the toxicity of some of my thought.

Lol - prior to this I got that toxic thoughts can create neurochemicals which impact the physical body and eventually cause illness but my thoughts weren't toxic how could they be?


I'm a good person  and I am Thank you Joanne for guiding me through my BS

in such a down to earth and practical way AND for giving me tools to increase my awareness and ,with practice, my level of consciousness .


Thank you Joanne for answering all my questions no matter how big or small and thank you for explaining what it really means to surrender AND HOW TO get out of my own way.


All this AND SO MUCH MORE & you do it with so much integrity, wisdom, good humour and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. More please. So be it and So it is done."

- Chrissy R.

"Joanne your voice still echos beyond the program  you have the ability to speak to people’s hearts  I know I have learnt a lot from you. You have the ability to encourage and strengthen all our souls to continue our journey with your simple techniques much love and appreciation to you  you are always available to answer all my questions no matter how busy your schedule you have the ability to prioritise everybody and that truly is an angelic gift thank you thank you thank you  more please ."

- Lilly A.

"So so amazing such a beautiful generous gift I can feel it expanding exponentially already soooooo excited!!!!! Your such a beautiful gift to this world ."



"Absolute legend!!! Love your work, love all that you are, all that you embody and all that beautiful energy you radiate on this earth. "


- Mark

"Whenever I watch a session from you, afterwards I feel like I can tackle the world and vibing high.  Which is a great feeling and a credit to your talent Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou...more please."


- Coco

Testimonials Joanne Antoun
This is your time Joanne Antoun

In a world where we're taught to be strong and independent, it can be hard to admit that you might need some help.


But things don't always go according to plan, and there's no shame in asking for support in times when you're struggling.

That's what The Power of You Program is all about: giving you the tools to become stronger, so you can master and maintain your power when things get tough


It's a self-development training program designed to help you discover your own inner power and create the life you've always dreamed of.

With eleven modules delivered live over a thirty day period, this program is packed full of meditations and practices from Joanne Antoun to help you transform your life into what you want it to be.

You'll have access to a closed Facebook group with an incredibly loving and supportive community who are on the same journey as you are. 

Plus, it is a ONE-TIME PAY & LIFETIME Access with a Twist

It means every time Joanne delivers this course (which happens twice a year), you'll get access again—FOR FREE! 

That means as new ideas arise and new practices are developed, you'll always have the newest version of this exciting training available to you.

Join Joanne's 'The Power of You'


Discover Life-Changing Formulas in 30 Days


Upcoming Dates:

March 25th – 18th April 2024

October 20th – 13th November 2024




Paid In Full


3 Instalments

$555 on registration

the remainder paid by the beginning of the program

Learn more about your Trainer

Joanne Antoun

Hi, I'm

Joanne Antoun-tagline

A wife, mother, grandmother and I know without a doubt that my purpose is to remind you all of how truly powerful you are.

My journey from doing everything to avoid my calling to finally saying YES has been a big one.


The beautiful thing is that when I finally made the commitment, my whole life changed and there’s been no looking back, only forging ahead, constant growth and evolution, living by example, choosing to leave behind a legacy and following my passion to remind the masses how truly powerful they are.


CTC as a therapy was not birthed of me but through me.


At its birth, it was called Cut The Crap because that’s what we do.


We free you of all that holds you back.


With its success and clients wanting to learn it, the International Institute of Combined Therapy was born.


Saying YES to my purpose changed my life


It opened so many doors for me and has given me incredible opportunities.


I’m so very blessed to witness miracles and transformation each and every day.

Mini Web banner - AS seen on

I’m blessed to have been featured in and a regular contributor

of magazines like Insight & Innerself.


I hosted my own radio show on Indian link radio for 3 years as well  as another show on Contact talk radio for 12months.


I’ve been interviewed on many inspirational radio networks & podcasts and also several TV programs and I’ve also been a part of 3 pilot programs for television.


Then came the super cool opportunities to speak on cruise ships.


It doesn’t get much better than luxurious travel, sun, amazing food and doing what you love. ❤


Saying YES changed my life and it can change yours too.


Choosing to step onto your path in full alignment with a life of passion and purpose isn’t always an easy decision to make but once you take the first step you’ll see that the next step is suddenly revealed and that the universe always has your back.



So if you want to turn your life around like the thousands of others

that I’ve had the privilege to work with...

ABOUT JoanneServices
The Power Of You online program
The Power Of You Joanne Antoun

Join Joanne's 'The Power of You'


Discover Life-Changing Formulas in 29 Days

Program Begins March 25th – 18th April 2024


or October 20th – 13th November 2024





Paid In Full


3 Instalments

$555 on registration

the remainder paid by the beginning of the program

Join Joanne Antoun
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