The Power Of You

Awaken The Power Within And Create The Dream

11 live modules, 10 evenings of meditations - that's 21 high vibing connections over a 16 day period

**Entire Program Delivered Live**

Program Begins 8th March 2021 at 11 am 

Here are just some of the topics we cover:

Mindset – Identify your struggles, your limiting subconscious programs and gain clarity about your vision, mission, desire. 

 Reclaim Your Personal Power  - Reclaim your energy, your spirit and your power and become a formidable force for good, no-longer affected by anything outside of you.

Discover Your Message To The World - We were all born with a purpose and a message to share, you haven’t been through all you’ve been through just to be mediocre. 

Activate Your Soul - Let's activate your soul, igniting your inner fire 

Cultivate The 3 C’s - Connection & Community & Compassion 

Become An Awakened BEing - Learn to really see

Emotional Intelligence - Learn how to transmute negative emotions and fuel your centre of creativity.

Magnetism - learn how to find the frequency of that which you desire and align to it easily with this simple process

Leadership - Learn to lead yourself in the most enlightened way that others naturally choose to rise with you.

Script your desires - I'll create the space, raise the energy and together we'll script our desires. Imagine the energy of the group collectively contributing to you manifesting all you desire. 

The Art Of Receiving - What you want, wants you too, you just need to learn how to receive.

Receive An Activation To Open Your Third Eye - that's right, crack open your intuition 

And so much more....

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Paid In Full


3 Instalments

$555 on registration

the remainder paid by the beginning of program

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cooma

& Globally Via Zoom

HQ - 10 Tulong Avenue, COOMA, NSW 2630 AUSTRALIA

+61 418 293 599

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