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CTC for weight loss and the Virtual Gastric Sleeve

Awaken The Thin And Healthy You

Like many, you’ve tried everything to lose weight

All the “fad” diets. All the “doctor” diets. All the medical and bariatric programs you  could afford. And some you couldn’t, probably. And still, even if you have some success, the weight just keeps coming back. Why? Because you haven’t solved the ROOT problem of your situation.

What Is Your Problem?

9 times out of 10, overweight people suffer from emotional challenges that other  people simply don’t face. If you ever thought of yourself as “different” because you’re overweight, well – you’re  overweight because you’re different! You’re different from other people – because you probably CARE more than others do. You probably put other people first, and yourself last. You don’t feel your needs are worth tending to, so you make your health a lower priority than it should be. Well, that’s a heroic way to live – but it catches up with you! Eventually, all those excess calories we put into our bodies – usually in the form of  “comfort” food – ADD UP to some serious pounds of unsightly, unwanted, and  unhealthy FAT!

Fat isn’t where it’s at.

There’s actually a THIN person inside you right now, waiting to be given permission to  come out and enjoy the life you both deserve. That’s why I want to introduce you to my CTC-Combined Therapy Cocktail™ for  Weight Loss and the Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program – a non-surgical, non-invasive  psychological protocol that introduces your mind to the concept that you  don’t need FOOD to feel good. You see, right now…

Your brain associates FOOD with FEELINGS.

Well, I have a unique, proprietary clinical hypnotherapy “modality” (a fancy word for  “process”) that seems to WORK LIKE CRAZY when  it comes to “re-programming” your psyche for FITNESS instead of FATNESS. Yes, I can get you into the “fitness” mindset – which TOTALLY REPLACES the  “fatness” mindset you’re operating under right now. The “fatness” mindset is a PRISON. You know it and I know it. You want to escape, but the cravings and urges are too  much to handle. You give in, then feel guilty, and give in some more. It’s a never-ending, vicious circle where YOU end up the loser – no one else. You may feel like you’re doing yourself a “favor” when you have a “pity party” –  because they do give you some sense of satisfaction in validating how you feel. When you feel down, you reach for the snacks. Ice cream. Cake. Pie.  Candy. Pizza. Beer. Booze. You name it. We’ve all done it. You know it’s bad for you, but you do it anyway.

You feel like you can’t stop it anymore, no matter how hard you try!

But that’s where I come in. I'm here to help you not only TRY, but SUCCEED in  your quest to finally ditch the unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle you’re currently trapped in.  Are you ready to be free? I’ve developed “CTC” – the 2 hour Life Transforming Combined Therapy  Cocktail which will free you of all those emotional issues and mindset programs that  have been working against you… The CTC combined with all the principles of the  well-known “Gastric Sleeve Bypass” surgery, delivered via clinical hypnosis uses the  power of mental transformation to not only believe that your stomach is much  smaller but it also changes you from the “fatness” mindset to the “fitness” mindset.

Together we use the power of your beautiful mind

to rewire your brain and achieve results  without invasive surgery

This is a 6 step intensive one-on-one program, delivered In person or via Skype where 
we work in detail on all the issues you’re facing, and then we help you “re-wire” your thinking so that you can permanently install and “lock in” all the benefits of the weight  loss habits you’ll be developing.

Weight loss isn’t “rocket science” – but the MINDSET is!

Weight loss is just about calories in versus calories out. But the way you THINK about it… is what makes ALL the difference. Right now, there is a special offer for this program that will most definitely change your mind and body Normally $1,380 – it is now yours for only $1,200 paid upfront Client slots are known to fill up FAST – so be sure to contact me today to get into the  queue. I look forward to hearing from you and showing you how to change your MIND so you can  change your BODY.

Successful Stories

You name it I had tried it, Weight Watches, The Cohens diet, The Atkins Diet, various shake diets and whilst with some I did lose weight, I just couldn’t stick with them long term and seemed to gain it back and some. What I hadn’t realized was the impact of past emotional issues, how those programs affected my attitude towards food and worked against me when it came to losing weight. 

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