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Handcrafted 9.25 silver
Stone type: Pyrite & Prasiolite


Pyrite & Prasiolite Pendant

SKU: P-239
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  • Pyrite: The Golden Lighthouse of Spiritual Fortitude and Manifestation


    To the dreamer of abundant futures, the alchemist of her own destiny, and the beacon of unwavering strength, be enthralled by the resplendent glow of Pyrite—a gemstone that sparkles with the lustre of gold, resonates with the energy of manifestation, and embodies the strength of a lioness. For the spiritually awakened woman, Pyrite is not just a stone; it's the embodiment of fortitude, a talisman for abundance, and a golden key unlocking one's highest potential.


    Chemical Composition:

    At its core, Pyrite is iron sulfide, represented chemically as FeS2.



    Bold and unyielding, Pyrite stands firm with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, reflecting its steadfast spirit.


    Occurrence (in which countries):

    The radiant energy of Pyrite is mined from various lands, including Spain, Italy, Peru, Russia, and the United States.



    Pyrite enchants with its metallic lustre, boasting a golden-yellow hue that earns it the nickname "Fool's Gold."


    About the mineral:


    Its history and lore:

    Valued by ancient civilizations, from the Greeks to the Incas, Pyrite was not only prized for its gleaming appearance but was also used in various rites and rituals. It was believed to hold the fire of the sun within, and ancient cultures used it to spark fires, both literally and metaphorically.


    Its uses:

    Apart from gracing jewellery with its golden gleam, Pyrite has been utilized throughout history in various industries, including electronics. Its reflective nature has made it valuable in the realms of both fashion and function.


    Its metaphysics:

    Pyrite is often termed the stone of manifestation. It's believed to harness the energies of the universe to attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Acting as a shield, it also deflects negative energy, promoting a clear mind, strong will, and decisive action. Many spiritual seekers turn to it for its grounding energies, bolstering confidence, and stimulating the solar plexus chakra.


    With Pyrite, one feels an unshakable connection to the Earth, the golden glow of abundant possibilities, and the soul's innate power and strength. For the spiritually awakened woman, it serves as a lighthouse guiding towards prosperity, a shield against negativity, and a beacon of unwavering fortitude. Let's celebrate Pyrite, the golden lighthouse of spiritual fortitude, guiding us towards manifestation, abundance, and the boundless horizon of our dreams. 🌟💛✨

  • Prasiolite: The Stone of Transformational Serenity


    Prasiolite, a stone as serene as the early morning dew, brings forth a message of renewal and growth. It is a clarion call to the awakened spiritual woman who walks a path of heart-centered transformation.


    Chemical Composition:

    This gem is a green variety of quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral. Its delicate green hue is often the result of heat treatment of amethyst or yellowish quartz, marrying the properties of these stones with its own unique vibration.



    Prasiolite stands resilient at 7 on the Mohs scale, a testament to its ability to withstand the pressures of life while maintaining its elegance and grace—a parallel to the strength and endurance of the spirit.


    Occurrence (in which countries):

    Though relatively rare in its natural state, prasiolite has been found in Poland and Canada, and more abundantly in Brazil—a lush land that mirrors the vibrant energy of this transformative gem.



    The green of prasiolite is a soft, leafy hue that whispers of spring's embrace. It is the color of new beginnings and the open heart, soothing and inviting in its gentle caress.


    About the mineral:


    Its history and lore:

    Prasiolite, also known as green amethyst, has a relatively modern place in the gem world, yet it holds an ancient energy that speaks to the soul. It is said to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, fostering a harmonious balance between the two.


    Its uses:

    Beyond its beauty in jewellery, prasiolite is cherished for its supposed ability to inspire creativity, attract prosperity, and enhance intuitive power. It is a favoured stone among those seeking to deepen their meditation practices and enhance their connection with nature.


    Its metaphysics:

    In the realm of metaphysics, prasiolite is believed to be a potent stone for aligning the self with the Earth's energies. It is associated with the heart chakra, encouraging the expression of love and compassion. Its gentle presence is thought to dispel negative energy, thereby nurturing a sense of inner peace and emotional healing.




    Adorning oneself with prasiolite jewellery is to make a statement of intent to grow, heal, and thrive. It is a beacon for the spiritually attuned, guiding them through life's transformations with a steady hand. For the woman who seeks to harmonize her spirit with the world around her, prasiolite is a symbol of the eternal spring of the soul—ever renewing, forever flourishing.

Antounique: The Process

Unearth Your Inner Power with The Radiance of Antounique Jewellery

When Earth's treasures intertwine with timeless elegance, the result is a symphony of beauty and power that transcends the ordinary. This is the essence of Antounique Jewellery, a collection that brings the magnificence of natural gemstones set in pristine 925 silver to adorn your being.


Each piece imbued with the profound energy of the Earth, is not merely an accessory but a testament to the unique beauty that resides within you.

What truly sets Antounique Jewellery apart is the meticulous and sacred process that each piece undergoes. Finding the right artisan for these timeless designs was no easy feat. It was important to me that I work with like-minded, evolved spiritual beings to ensure that the entire process from the very beginning embodied the power and sacredness of the heart. Together with Uday and his incredible team they came to life and then, with a whole lot of magic they’ve been transformed from a mere ornament into a source of strength and empowerment.


Through a profound spiritual journey, every gemstone is cleared, activated, enhanced, and blessed, ensuring that it carries the most potent and uplifting energies possible.

The elemental activations bring the essence of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, connecting you to the fundamental forces that govern our world. This alignment with the elements enhances your own elemental balance, grounding you in the present and allowing you to flow with life's natural rhythm.

Celestial activations connect you to the vast universe, channelling the wisdom and energy of the cosmos into your very core. This divine connection opens your mind to the infinite possibilities surrounding you, encouraging you to reach for the stars and embrace your true potential.

Crystal activations harness the power of ancient stones, each with its unique energy signature, to amplify the natural gemstone's vibrations. This crystalline energy works in harmony with your own, bringing clarity, focus, and a deep sense of peace.

Light activations illuminate your path, dispersing shadows of doubt and fear, and filling you with an inner radiance that shines from within. This light guides you towards your highest self, encouraging you to step into your power and live your truth.

Energy activations are the final touch that brings all these powerful forces together, creating a harmonious blend of energies that resonate with your own. This energetic symphony elevates your vibration, aligning you with your highest purpose and opening you to a world of limitless possibilities.

In wearing Antounique Jewellery, you are not just adorning yourself with a piece of the Earth's treasures; you are embracing your unique essence and stepping into a world where your potential knows no bounds. Each piece is a powerful ally on your spiritual journey, guiding you towards self-discovery, empowerment, and, ultimately, a life filled with joy, purpose, and abundance.

Embrace the power of Antounique Jewellery, and let the Earth's treasures further enhance your own power and guide you towards a future where your inner radiance shines bright for all the world to see.


Step into your power, and let your timeless elegance illuminate the path towards your dreams.


After all, you are not just wearing a piece of jewellery; you are wearing a piece of the universe, each gemstone holding a universe of possibilities within it.

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