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Handcrafted 9.25 silver
Stone type: Mangano Calcite, Pearl, Rose Quartz

Mangano Calcite Multi Stone Pendant

SKU: 042
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  • Pearl: The Gem of Inner Wisdom


    Embrace the serene beauty of the Pearl, a symbol of purity, wisdom, and spiritual transformation. Revered as a treasure from the deep, pearls offer more than lustrous allure; they are beacons of light for the awakened spiritual woman on her journey of enlightenment.


    Chemical Composition:

    Unlike other gemstones, Pearls are organic, born from the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk. Composed mainly of aragonite (calcium carbonate) and conchiolin, Pearls are natural wonders that encapsulate the harmony of life's processes.



    Delicate in nature, with a Mohs hardness of just 2.5 to 4.5, Pearls remind us of our own vulnerability and the strength that arises from embracing it. They are a testament to resilience, formed through adversity and emerging with grace.


    Occurrence (in which countries):

    Pearls are found in the nurturing bosoms of waters worldwide, with notable cultivation in China, Japan, and the South Pacific. Each region imparts its Pearls with unique energies, as varied as the oceans that cradle them.



    From the creamy whites of dawn to the golden hues of sunset, Pearls echo the celestial palette. They also venture into the mystical with overtones of pink, blue, and even black, each shade carrying its own universe of meaning and allure.


    About the mineral:


    Its history and lore:

    Historically, Pearls have been esteemed as gems of the moon, with ancient cultures believing them to be solidified moonbeams or the tears of gods. They have adorned royalty and been sought after as symbols of wealth and status, yet their true treasure lies in their connection to the inner self.


    Its uses:

    Today, Pearls are not only cherished in jewellery but also in holistic practices. They are considered to promote calmness, balance, and to enhance personal integrity. Pearls are not just ornaments; they are companions on the path to personal growth and inner peace.


    Its metaphysics:

    In the realm of the metaphysical, Pearls resonate with the crown chakra, symbolizing purity of thought and mind. They are believed to attract prosperity, heighten intuition, and to shield the aura with an Armor of serenity.




    Adorning oneself with Pearl jewellery is an act of honouring the divine feminine within. It is an intimate dance with the cosmos, a celebration of the depths from which we all come, and the heights to which we aspire. For the spiritual woman, Pearls are not mere accessories; they are a testament to her luminous journey, each one a step towards the infinite embrace of her true essence.

Antounique: The Process

Unearth Your Inner Power with The Radiance of Antounique Jewellery

When Earth's treasures intertwine with timeless elegance, the result is a symphony of beauty and power that transcends the ordinary. This is the essence of Antounique Jewellery, a collection that brings the magnificence of natural gemstones set in pristine 925 silver to adorn your being.


Each piece imbued with the profound energy of the Earth, is not merely an accessory but a testament to the unique beauty that resides within you.

What truly sets Antounique Jewellery apart is the meticulous and sacred process that each piece undergoes. Finding the right artisan for these timeless designs was no easy feat. It was important to me that I work with like-minded, evolved spiritual beings to ensure that the entire process from the very beginning embodied the power and sacredness of the heart. Together with Uday and his incredible team they came to life and then, with a whole lot of magic they’ve been transformed from a mere ornament into a source of strength and empowerment.


Through a profound spiritual journey, every gemstone is cleared, activated, enhanced, and blessed, ensuring that it carries the most potent and uplifting energies possible.

The elemental activations bring the essence of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, connecting you to the fundamental forces that govern our world. This alignment with the elements enhances your own elemental balance, grounding you in the present and allowing you to flow with life's natural rhythm.

Celestial activations connect you to the vast universe, channelling the wisdom and energy of the cosmos into your very core. This divine connection opens your mind to the infinite possibilities surrounding you, encouraging you to reach for the stars and embrace your true potential.

Crystal activations harness the power of ancient stones, each with its unique energy signature, to amplify the natural gemstone's vibrations. This crystalline energy works in harmony with your own, bringing clarity, focus, and a deep sense of peace.

Light activations illuminate your path, dispersing shadows of doubt and fear, and filling you with an inner radiance that shines from within. This light guides you towards your highest self, encouraging you to step into your power and live your truth.

Energy activations are the final touch that brings all these powerful forces together, creating a harmonious blend of energies that resonate with your own. This energetic symphony elevates your vibration, aligning you with your highest purpose and opening you to a world of limitless possibilities.

In wearing Antounique Jewellery, you are not just adorning yourself with a piece of the Earth's treasures; you are embracing your unique essence and stepping into a world where your potential knows no bounds. Each piece is a powerful ally on your spiritual journey, guiding you towards self-discovery, empowerment, and, ultimately, a life filled with joy, purpose, and abundance.

Embrace the power of Antounique Jewellery, and let the Earth's treasures further enhance your own power and guide you towards a future where your inner radiance shines bright for all the world to see.


Step into your power, and let your timeless elegance illuminate the path towards your dreams.


After all, you are not just wearing a piece of jewellery; you are wearing a piece of the universe, each gemstone holding a universe of possibilities within it.

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