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Reiki Training for Kids

Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis

Finally a Reiki workshop designed with kids in mind

Parents often call after having done the Reiki courses to tell me just how much their children, be they teenagers, preschoolers and even babies love this wonderful healing energy and keep coming back for more. 

Younger children even imitate their parents and try giving Reiki to others. 

Now there’s a Reiki class designed specially with kids in mind. Of course workshop content is the same, however all the wonderful stories and explanations are more suitable for children. 

Included are intuitive games and creative right brain activities to get those energies flowing. 

The third eye is awakened and children are able to feel and read the colour of objects and images, sort through cards, become more aware of what's in their space and so much more....all with blindfolds on.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is that stronger connection with divine, allowing them to become more aware and trusting in their intuition and guidance.   

A pure gift of Love          

Kids Reiki 1 Cost is $300                      

Kids Reiki 2 Cost is $300 

Suitable for children 7—12 years 

Reiki training is held over 2 days. 

Saturday 9am - 4pm 

Sunday 9am - 1pm

See events page for workshop dates

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