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Reiki Training for Kids

Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis
Reiki Training for Kis

Introducing the ultimate Reiki workshop designed exclusively for kids, because their well-being and growth matter!

It's a joy to witness the genuine love and enthusiasm children have for the powerful healing energy of Reiki. Parents from all walks of life reach out to share their stories of how their children, whether they're teenagers, preschoolers, or even babies, are captivated by this wondrous and nurturing practice.

The little ones can't seem to get enough, always coming back for more!


This is a testament to the profound impact Reiki has on their young hearts and minds. 

In fact, the younger children often emulate their parents, eagerly attempting to give Reiki to others. It's an incredible sight, witnessing these young souls already embracing their innate abilities to heal and bring comfort to those around them.


The magic of Reiki knows no age limits! 

Now, behold our exceptional Reiki class tailored explicitly for kids. While the core workshop content remains the same, I've curated enchanting stories and explanations that resonate deeply with children.


My aim is to create an experience that engages their imagination and sparks their curiosity, guiding them into the world of energy healing with wonder and excitement.

But wait, that's not all!

This workshop goes beyond traditional teaching methods.

We infuse intuitive games and unleash their right brains' creativity, activating their energy centers and allowing their vibrant energies to flow freely. Witness their intuitive abilities awaken!


With blindfolds on, children embark on a journey where they can feel and read the colors of objects and images, sort through cards with enhanced sensitivity, and become more attuned to the space around them. It's a thrilling and transformative adventure!

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Imagine the gift you're giving your child – a profound connection with the divine.


Through Reiki, they develop a heightened awareness of their intuition and guidance, paving the way for a lifetime of trust in their inner wisdom.


This is one of the greatest gifts a parent can bestow upon their little ones—a gift that will empower and inspire them for years to come. 

Welcome to a world of pure love and discovery.

Here are the essential details:

🌟 Suitable for children aged 7 to 12
🌟 Reiki training spans two transformative days
🌟 Saturday: 9am - 4pm
🌟 Sunday: 9am - 1pm

To find out the upcoming workshop dates, make sure to visit our events page.

This is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Invest in your child's growth and inner harmony.


Unlock their potential, foster their connection with the divine, and guide them towards a life filled with wisdom and intuition.


CONTACT ME for empowering Kids Reiki workshop today and watch as their souls flourish and glow!

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