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Tagline of Joanne Antoun - Where Transformation Happens and Empowered Future Begins
Portrait of Joanne Antoun, intuitive guide and founder of the Life Transforming CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail
Joanne Antoun's logo featuring stylized initials 'JA' intertwined, symbolizing the interconnectedness of personal growth and

Founder of the 2-hr Life Transforming CTC- Combined Therapy Cocktail.™  &

the Int'l Institute of Combined Therapy Cocktail.

An inspirational speaker in the field of Personal Growth and Consciousness,

a Gifted Medium, a Psychotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner

and Trainer, Hypnotherapy Trainer, EFT Trainer, a Life Coach,

Teacher of Accelerated Learning Techniques, and an Author.  

"Let me help you Heal the Past, Live in the Present &
Create the Future you Desire" 

Contact information for Joanne Antoun with an inviting background, prominently to contact me
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