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Watch What You Say

Transcription of video

What labels are you choosing to own and how are they affecting your life? What are the most common phrases you use that start with “I am” or “I have?”. Think about it for a moment. Do you say I have a certain illness or pain or I have no time or no money, or maybe it’s something like I’m tired, I can’t sleep?

We know that the “I am” and “I have” if used in the positive is an important component to manifesting what you desire but are you conscious of the fact that your words, thoughts and feelings are also bringing to life or feeding the current circumstances that maybe you don’t really want. You see you are extraordinarily powerful and whether you love your life or not you have contributed to creating your current moment.

When you realise how powerful you are you then begin to make choices that serve you rather than harm you. If you are suffering with pain, illness, or a challenging situation, I’m not saying that you should do it alone…having support and feeling supported is crucial but what I am saying is choose wisely.

When you share what’s going on with you, that person’s perception of what you have just shared will either energetically work for you or against you…. Choose wisely…..

Choose people who will hold the light for you when you can’t, choose people who will hold a vision of you being the happiest, healthiest and most successful that you can possibly be.

You see 10 of us collectively holding the light for you, seeing you happy and healthy will work in your favour rather than that same amount of people chatting about you thinking that it’s all doom and gloom. What we feed grows and we all need to be sure that we feed more of what we do want in our lives and for our world rather than what we don’t want.

What I’m sharing with you is not woo woo it’s science. You are extraordinarily powerful…collectively that power is amplified. People who sell products by sharing their troubles, stress, anxiety etc daily need to be especially careful because how will you ever be free of it if you own in on a daily basis and have the collective plug into that belief too.

The power of the collective is mindblowing.. Tests known as the Maharishi effect have been done since the 1970’s and they prove that the square root of one per cent of the world’s current population practicing high coherence at the same time, is enough to initiate significant global reductions in international conflicts, violence, negative trends, terrorism and destructive weather. The larger the group the quicker and more significant the results. Just imagine for a moment all that we are capable of when we think and feel what we do want.

The fact is we don’t grow when things are easy and it’s smooth sailing …we grow when things are challenging and if you woke up this morning it’s only because you have more to learn. I woke this morning so clearly, I don’t know it all and I too have more to learn.

So here is what I do when I have a challenge. The first thing I do is look up and say okay, clearly I have something to learn here. What is it I need to learn, show me, I choose to learn this today because I will not be in this space tomorrow. Thank you. By doing this I move through things extraordinarily quickly.

Most importantly, I choose not to label or own the challenges by saying I have or I am. Now those nearest and dearest to me tend to know that if I go MIA it’s because something might be going on that I’m choosing not to talk about and they honour that. I’m one to talk about it after the event because I can make it part of my past not my present. I understand that it’s not best for everyone but that’s what works for me.

My advice to you would be, be aware of the words you use after the I am and I have and Choose wisely…..Choose people who will hold the light for you when you can’t, choose people who will hold a vision of you being the happiest, healthiest and most successful that you can possibly be.

If you’re feeling stuck and need help in healing your past, living more fully in the present and creating the future you desire then feel free to contact me for a free 15min chat to see how I can best help you. You can find out more about myself and CTC the therapy I founded 20yrs ago at 



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