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Live A Life Of Greatness

Transcript of Video

Imagine living a life of greatness? Imagine living a life on purpose, knowing without a doubt that you are being carried in the safety of the flow of life, witnessing more and more the abundance of miracles abound, feeling the hope and passion that inspires you to be the best you can be.

This can be yours, even in the face of these uncertain times. The bar has been raised and now is the time to step up and live your greatness.

To navigate this shift more easily you need to recognise first and foremost that you are not your story, you are not your past, its time is done and nothing, nothing at all has any meaning other than the meaning you give it.  So choose to see everything for the blessing that it really is, simply an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Now more than ever as you are being pushed to grow and evolve and as you experience the roller coaster of emotions it’s important to not let yourself get weighed down with negativity and BS.

I’d much rather you choose to rise up and acknowledge your worthiness of greatness, to know without a doubt that living in greatness doesn’t come in a stroke of luck but rather greatness comes by making a choice, a choice to be and live the best you can be in each and every moment.

Yes it’s true that your past experiences have contributed to creating who you are today but that doesn’t create your tomorrow….it’s what you do today, in this very moment that creates the next moment and therefore your tomorrow. You can choose to live a life of greatness right now!

Living in greatness or living your purpose doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be something of grandeur on the physical plane. Your greatness is measured by how you feel, the hearts you touch and the consciousness you contribute to.

Whatever you do, wherever you are right now is where you are meant to be according to your past choices and the incredible self-organising and self-correcting intelligence of the universe. Right here right now, is all you have and all that matters. So what are you going to do with it? 

Do you choose feelings of sadness, turmoil, and anxiety or do you choose to stand tall, to live your inner most truth, speak your truth and be who you are in your highest truth?

I want to share with you the humbling speech given by Martin Luther King the III at Michael Jackson’s funeral ….it serves as a great reminder that your purpose, living in greatness has nothing to do with what you are doing but rather who you are being in the doing.

“My father once said that in life one must discover what their calling is and when they do they must do their jobs so well that the living, the dead and the unborn could do them no better. He constantly guided us to become our best by stating that if you cannot be a pine on the top of the hill don’t just be a shrub in the valley, but be the best little shrub on the side of the road. Be a bush if you cannot be a tree. If you cannot be the highway just be a trail. If you cannot be the sun, just be a star. For it isn’t by size that you win or you fail, you got to be the best at what you are. Finally Martin Luther King Jr. said that in life if it falls to you to be a street sweeper you must sweep streets so well. In fact you must sweep streets like Beethoven composed music. Sweep streets he said like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets like Raphael painted pictures. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of the heavens and earth would have to pause and say here lived the greatest street sweeper that did his house well”. 

Choose to live in greatness every moment of every day and leave every place better than it was when you arrived. ….Every person, place and event right now serves as a window of opportunity to raise the consciousness of all and elevate humanity into an incredible place.  Surrender to the higher power, let go and allow yourself to be guided daily.

You are here right now because this is where you are meant to be, here to be a part of, to witness and to co-create in the writing of our history….there is no greater purpose than being the best you can be and living in greatness for all of us. Dream big, live in greatness and most of all enjoy the ride.



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