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The Journey To Higher Vibrations

Transcription Below.

Let’s take a journey into higher vibration together.

You often hear people these days talking about higher vibrations and frequencies and that we are collectively being called to be more conscious. It’s an interesting term because in order to become more conscious we have to wake up from our current unconscious state.

Our journey into higher vibrations is a shift in consciousness, or a paradigm shift, which means at the very least, a change in how we view our reality. Humanity as a whole is transitioning from third dimensional reality, through the fourth and heading towards the fifth.

When you live and vibrate in the third dimension, you work with a dense reality. A reality that is only what you perceive with your physical senses, you need to see it to believe it, and even then sometimes you’ll talk yourself out of what you saw. In this dimension your thought’s, the intellect, rules the roost, what you think you know must be real. Divine either doesn’t exist or you feel a sense of separation, fear to some degree controls your life, fear of not having enough, fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of not having the love you want, fear of what others think, fear and anger over past experiences, even fear of fear.

The law of attraction is simply whatever you place your attention on, you will receive. You’re so caught up in thinking about all the things that you don’t want, that you keep attracting more of the same. In this dimension we are bound by the illusion of limitations. Here people become prisoners to their limiting beliefs and situations.

Fear is the weapon of the ego, it does what it can to keep you stuck and living life through your fears, limitations and insecurities, often portraying to the world what you want people to see, “ social media is a great one for that” as you desperately hide what you dislike most about yourself. Here we also take on the attributes of victim, we judge others as having wronged us, we see our future through the lens of the past, always comparing and consequently creating more of the same. We don’t even realise that we have a choice, that we can choose where to invest our energy and create the life we desire. In this dimension we are not aware that separation is a perception, and our perceptions, how we view the world, is relative to our level of consciousness.

Our consciousness had been weighed down or held in place by the earth’s magnetic field, which has been quickly deteriorating. This effects our emotions, our sleep patterns, animal life and even the weather patterns. This combined with the increase in Earth’s heart beat, which our own body is desperately trying to resonate with, makes us feel as though time is flying by and out of sorts in our own bodies. However with all this change, we find ourselves questioning more and starting to see things differently, we become more open to possibilities that we would not have considered in the past. This is all part of the transition.

The journey inward sets us on a path of self discovery, no longer can we point the finger and blame other people, things and experiences for how we feel, or how our life has turned out. We must recognise that we allow ourselves to lose our power to them. The more power you give something or someone, the more power or control it has over you, if you feed it, it will get bigger.

If you want to truly heal on all levels, if you want to live your life in your full potential, and grow through the transition that we are all experiencing more easily, then you must be here in present time. As the higher vibrations become more a part of your world, you may notice unresolved pain surfacing, you may feel more emotional and unsettled than usual, you may feel that you are being consumed by your thoughts and the busyness of the mind. No longer can these issues be ignored, they must be healed and released in order for you to move forward. Training yourself to be here in present time is vital, you decide to whom and for how long you lose your personal power, this is your life, your choice.

If something bothers you allow yourself the opportunity to feel and express yourself, say what you mean, but don’t say it mean, try and speak from the wisdom of the heart centre, then let it go. Pull your energy back here into present time. In time and with discipline, you’ll come to realise that everything just is, and you’ll naturally choose peace as though peace is all there is.

When you say you feel down or low, you literally are, you are vibrating at a lower frequency and in that space you can only attract to you that which vibrates at the same level. We simply raise our vibration by living more on purpose, be more loving and giving, be aware of what you believe, think, feel and say, be positive, have loving thoughts, speak from the heart centre and have an attitude of gratitude. Start by giving thanks for all that you truly appreciate in your life, within a moment or two you will notice that you now seem to be thinking not with your head but with your heart, your heart consciousness literally feels like its expanding. Not only does this make you feel great but instantly balances you and raises your vibration.

It takes practice to tap into heart consciousness and maintain it, but the rewards far outweigh the effort, and in time, as you become more conscious, you will realise what it is you truly want, and that much of the stuff you thought you wanted, doesn’t bring the happiness and love that you thought it would.

Early in the fourth dimension, we become more open to possibilities, we become seekers, more caring and hopeful, with a genuine desire to recognise and work on our own personal ineffective ways. In this dimension we consider the need for change and positive thinking, but don’t necessarily follow through. You try to work things out taking two steps forward and one step back, consequently being hard on yourself because you know that you should know better. In the lower fourth you’re continually searching for more of your drama to fix, believing there must be more, because you’re still not happy enough yet.

As you grow through the fourth, you become more serious about making the world a better place and helping others, you might even make some major life changes. The problem here can be that you might feel that you’ve got it all worked out and become blinded by all that you think you know. But still you feel that something is missing, you still lose personal power to situations, instead of working with the higher intelligence of the heart where you know that everything just is, and peace becomes an easy choice.

The higher fourth is where true peace lives and is a constant companion, here you choose peace as though peace is all there is. Your heart feels expanded, you feel more alive, more positive, there’s a constant feeling of awe and wonderment, synchronicities abound. Magic, awareness and a very real connection to nature and all of life is who you are. You know that we are all one, there is no separation and you are aware of and completely responsible for your personal power.

We are all being prepared for the higher fourth dimension but it will take a fair amount of fifth dimension reality to filter in before it will be enough to raise the consciousness of everyone, freeing them of the stress and dense matter of third dimension living.

The fifth dimension is all about heart. Heart consciousness becomes the new mind, here you are guided completely by heart consciousness…your intuition. there is nothing to release because you realise there is nothing to forgive, you see beyond your old limitations and judgements.

You recognise that we are all light, we are all one and there is nothing to judge. You carry with you the knowledge of past dimensions, but are no-longer ruled by them, wisdom and understanding of others is yours. Here you are truly self empowered. Here you know that the heart has all the answers.

You have everything you need right here. Although it speaks softly it power is beyond measure.



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