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Tips To Live By For A New You In A New Year

Transcript of video

Today I’m going to share with you some Tips To Live By For A New You in The New Year. Let’s make the coming year your best yet.

How much does all of your emotional stuff weigh? Imagine that you’re carrying a backpack….feel the straps on  your shoulders.

Now pack it with all the emotional stuff that you know you should probably get rid of. The issues and experiences of the past that seem to haunt you, the stresses, the fears, the limiting beliefs that hold you back….go on, get it all in there as you feel those straps tighten a little more.

Now add the physical stuff that really doesn’t serve you. The old clothes that no-longer fit, the stuff crammed in cupboards that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. All the stuff you’ve been hoarding for “one day”….all of that clutter, cram that in there too. If the career you’re currently in isn’t what you’re passionate about pack that in there too… try to walk…….not easy is it?

You’re unconsciously doing this to yourself on a daily basis, you and only you are weighing yourself down.

What better time to lighten your load than now. We all at some point need to realise that in order to have the life we truly desire we need to make room and making room requires letting go of all the stuff that weighs you down.

Letting go and moving forward can be scary but it’s also one of the greatest acts of self-love.

Decide now to carry with you only what serves you and energises you and let go of anything that weighs you down. That doesn’t necessarily mean walking away from a person but let go of your negative reaction about that person.

Here are some things to let go of and a huge mover shaker affirmation to say ONLY when you are truly ready to be free of all that holds you back.   

Let go of those self-limiting thoughts and replace them with more positive empowering ones.

Let go of the fear of change and the unknown. Often people don’t move forward because they find comfort in the way things are. Choose to recognise that the pain of staying the same is far greater than the courage required to let go and move forward. Simply take the first step and the other steps will reveal themselves. Walk in faith not fear

Free yourself of the guilt for doing what you want to do rather than what others expect you to do.

Focus only on what you do want…never what you don’t want.

Regrets should have no place in your psyche. Whatever it is, let it go because back then when you made the choice it was exactly what you wanted.

Every time you worry about something, you’re investing your energy into it and what you feed grows. It’s like praying for it to happen.

You are here at this very moment because this is where you are meant to be. You have a gift, a talent, a purpose.  Your appreciation and gift back is sharing it with the world.

All you need is one map and one skill. The map is your heart and the skill is the courage to follow it. Live your dream not someone else’s

Never, ever blame. When you point the finger to blame you actually have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself (bet you’ll try it). You are accountable for your own life. You have two choices….accept it or change it.

Love and respect everyone enough to let them live their journey their way.

Take care of you first. You’re no good to anyone if you’re depleted of your own personal power or worse still dead.

So what!!! We all have a story, but you are NOT your story. Move on and tell a new one. Stop cheating yourself out of an amazing future by dwelling on the past.

Let go of the feeling that you aren’t enough or haven’t done enough. If you’ve done your best then that’s enough.

Learn to not be so attached to the outcome. If you want something to happen you have to align yourself and work towards making it happen. If it doesn’t happen, accept that it just wasn’t meant to be and that what you learned along the way was exactly what you needed.

Be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Live your truth, be your truth and speak your truth. If someone has a problem with it it’s there problem not yours. The people that matter don’t mind and the ones that mind …well they don’t matter.


This affirmation is a huge mover shaker. Say it with feeling and ONLY work with it when you’re truly ready for freedom. …..Here it is.

I let go of all people, things and experiences that are no-longer part of my divine destiny and I ask that they let go of me too. I move forward quickly into my divine destiny.

That affirmation does some serious clearing. I often give it to clients and some report massive clearing in all areas of their life. You see, often we are ready to let go of people, things and experiences but for whatever reason they’re not ready to let go of us. By stating “I ask that they let go of me too” some serious cord cutting takes place. Remember you’re only freeing yourself of anyone or anything that is no-longer part of your divine destiny.

So here it is again. I let go of all people, things and experiences that are no-longer part of my divine destiny and I ask that they let go of me too. I move forward quickly into my divine destiny.

And of course if you know that where you are and how you feel isn’t how you want things to stay and you would like me to help you be free and easily create the future you desire then feel free to contact me for the famous CTC- 2 hour life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail better known as Cut The Crap.



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